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Hi, we are Herbert and Monica and live in Stein a small place in the south of the Netherlands. We started our new kennel in 2012 with the name : AMOR DURA. Our kennel is registered by the   "Raad van Beheer" (Dutch Federation Canine) under number 268174. The name of our kennel is derived from our two breeds :French bulldogs our sweet, cool and very pigheaded. Our kennelname “Amor Dura” also means “Cool Sweetheart”.


Our love and passion for the French Bulldog started 15 years ago. We achieved many beautiful results on the National and International dogshows. In 2011  Herbert was even asked for judging on the Youngsterday of the Dutch Bulldog Club HBC (photo left).


With French bulldogs we will participate again on  dogshows in the Netherlands and abroad. Its very important to keep informed about the wellbeing of our breed. Thats why we are member of the Dutch (HBC) and Belgium (KBKFB) breedingclub of the French bulldog . We also submit ourselves to the honorary code of these breeders associations.


Through our website we like to introduce you to our dogs. We hope you will enjoy it !

If you have any questions, please  contact us .


Kind Regards

Herbert & Monica  Brings - de Kubber   -   Stein / The Netherlands

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